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The Pause: Connecting with Physical Awareness

alexander technique Aug 24, 2019

“Where there is a depth of awareness, there is reverence for presence. Where consciousness is dulled, distant, or blind the presence grows faint.” 

– John O’Donohue

“Awareness” is a word that often used to puzzle me.

It was an idea I looked for in the ether, that I equated with enlightenment. Once...

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What is the Alexander Technique? A TVF Faculty Roundtable Discussion

NOTE: This is a conversation featuring the five members of the TVF faculty (pictured above, L to R: Michael Hanko, Molly Kittle, Peter Jacobson, Darci Balkcom, and Eleni Vosniadou). This is a transcription of a recent conversation they had about the Alexander Technique. Enjoy!

Peter: Hello everybody, welcome. I am here with Michael, Eleni, Darci, and Molly. Our topic for today is: What is the Alexander Technique? I’m going to start with a personal story on this topic. This...

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A Conversation with Michael Hanko, Voice & Alexander Technique Teacher

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