The TVF Introductory Course

Learn the Basics of Alexander Technique & Anatomy for Singers

 For Singers of Any Genre, Age, or Skill Level

Includes access to 3 modules and 23 self-guided videos on the basic principles of the Total Vocal Freedom approach to singing.


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Dear Singer,


TVF Founder Peter Jacobson here.

About twenty years ago, tension and pain were interfering with my music-making in a major way. This was wreaking havoc on my confidence and self-esteem. I sunk into despair and hopelessness. 

I tried many different solutions but the only thing that made a lasting difference was learning the Alexander Technique.

As I learned how to use my body more efficiently and think more constructively, I began to truly understand the meaning of "less is more."

Learning about Alexander's discoveries had a profound impact on all aspects of my life – personal, musical, psychological and even spiritual.  

As a result, I decided to train as an Alexander teacher while pursuing my graduate studies in conducting.

8 years ago, I founded TVF and since then my professional work has focused almost exclusively on teaching the Alexander Technique to singers and voice teachers. 

The TVF approach focuses specifically on singing – using Alexander principles to sing without tension, anxiety and self-judgment.

What's left when those things are absent? 

Ease, comfort, joy and the freedom to be ourselves!

If that sounds interesting to you, this is the course to get you started on your TVF journey. 

I look forward to the possibility of working with you.


Who It's For

ny singer will benefit greatly from participating in this program.*

We welcome singers of any musical style (from age 18 - 100+) including: 

  • Amateur Singers – who are committed to ongoing growth and improvement
  • Semi-Professional Singers – who want to expand and refine their skill set
  • Professional Singers – who want to gain important tools to help sustain their physical and vocal health
  • Instrumentalists – who have a desire to express themselves with their singing voice
  • Voice Teachers & Choral Directors – who may be neglecting their own singing and/or want to learn new teaching tools

*We generally do not recommend this course for people with zero previous singing or music-making experience. Instead, we suggest a series of private lessons with a voice teacher to build a foundation in basic vocal technique and musicianship. If you need a recommendation, please send us a messageWe have many excellent voice teachers in our learning community.

Course Overview 


This flagship TVF course consists of 23 pre-recorded short videos that will introduce you to the basic theoretical and practical principles of the TVF Approach, The Alexander Technique and Anatomy for Singers.

Module 1: The 4 TVF S.E.L.T. Practices

  1. S – The Practice of Slowing Down
  2. E – The Practice of Experimenting
  3. L – The Practice of Listening
  4. T – The Practice of Trusting

Module 2: The Alexander Technique for Musicians – 7 Core Principles

  1. Wholeness: Sing/Play with Your Whole Self Instrument
  2. Body Awareness: The Power of Kinesthetic Listening
  3. The Head-Spine Relationship: Alexander’s Key Discovery
  4. Inhibition: Forging New Pathways Through Interruption
  5. Non-Doing: Trusting Your Natural Intelligence
  6. The Alexander Process: Constructive Thinking in Action
  7. Use & Functioning: Maximizing Artistic Potential

Module 3: Basic Anatomy for Singers

  • Part 1: The Head, Jaw & Tongue
  • Part 2: The Spine, Neck & Ribs
  • Part 3: The Pelvis, Legs & Feet
  • Part 4: The Shoulders, Arms & Hands

What TVF Students Say


“…consider adding TVF for its emphasis on freeing up your body to enhance your voice!”

“If you want to round out your vocal training, even for a seasoned pro, then you really need to consider adding TVF for its emphasis on freeing up your body to enhance your voice!”

–Tracy Van Fleet, Singer & Voice Teacher, Los Angeles, USA


“I have greatly corrected my posture…”

“This past year in TVF has changed me in so many ways, it’s made me a better voice teacher and singer but the truly amazing thing is how I feel physically. With learning about and using the Alexander Technique, I have greatly corrected my posture, learned how to stand on stage with little or no pain, and just feel better – Even my Dr has said I need to keep up what I’m doing!”

–Lois Richardson Shive, Singer & Voice Teacher, Chicago, USA


“TVF is my lantern that gives me warmth and courage to keep moving forward.”

“I’m now a clear and precise teacher, a true supportive friend, a patient loving husband, a better version of myself. And a much expressive singer! I think I’m naturally a leader, but taking the time every week, every day to work on myself and improve my craft. I’ve now have a much longer reach to help so much more people. TVF is my lantern that gives me warmth and courage to keep moving forward.”

–Kevin Kelly Kahelain, Singer and Teacher, Moorea 


“TVF has completely transformed my singing and my teaching in the most unexpected, delightful, and profound ways.”

I have already learned so much about myself and experienced massive improvements in my own singing, and I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of possibilities! I can honestly say that TVF has completely transformed my singing and my teaching in the most unexpected, delightful, and profound ways. For once, the ”hype” doesn’t even begin to describe the actual experience. Joining TVF was one of the very best decisions I’ve made for myself and my career!

–Midge McMoyer Smith, Singer and Accompanist, Houston, USA


“There are avenues now for me to make a living with my singing.”

“Peter, I love the way you teach – the positive words you use, the gentle way you correct and the order of your presentations – the way you allow all of us to ‘be’ in a safe, supportive place – priceless! You really named the program right: Total Vocal Freedom (it’s more than just the voice!) There are avenues now for me to make a living with my singing. It will be most interesting to see where my journey takes me next! Woo-hoo!”

–Donna Marie Castaner, Singer, New York, USA

Course Tuition 

The TVF Introductory Course


One Single Payment

  • 3 Self-Guided Learning Modules – with 23 videos and other learning resources on the core principles of the Alexander Technique and anatomy for singers
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