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The Art of Connection: Cultivating Artistic Expression that Unites Self, Music & Audience

Author E.M. Forster famously wrote, “Only Connect!…Live in fragments no longer.”

As musical artists, it is our job to connect – to ourselves, to our colleagues, to the music and to our audience.

A peak musical experience is characterized by total connection, a sense of oneness, where all the seemingly disparate elements of making music meld together into a unified whole.

This is what performers (and listeners) deeply long for!

This brings up some interesting questions: 

  • What does it actually mean to connect? 

  • How do we cultivate greater connection (and therefore integration) in our music-making? 

  • What kind of process is connecting? Is it spiritual, mental, physical, energetic, or all of the above? 

  • Is it possible to dissolve (or at least blur) the apparent separation between singer and song, performer and listener, self and other? 

  • And, practically speaking, is connection something we create, a doing process? Or is it a non-doing process, one in which we identify and let go of factors that cause separation? 

Join TVF founder Peter Jacobson as he guides class participants through a 90-minute journey exploring these questions and the various approaches to cultivating greater connection in singing –  from the philosophical to the spiritual to the practical.

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