An Introduction to Functional Vocal Training

Freeing Your Voice By Exploring How It Actually Works

with Donna Reid  

Monday, February 6th, 2023

12:00pm – 1:30pm US Central Time
Online via Zoom
(A downloadable replay will be available to all registrants)

Class Fee: $50

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Have you ever experienced one-size-fits-nobody teaching in which you are led mindlessly through the same series of vocal exercises over and over again? Or perhaps you’ve sung along with a recording of a great lesson you had and found that—on a different day—the exercises that were perfect at your lesson aren’t helping you today?

In this special topic class, functional voice teacher Donna Reid will demonstrate a much more effective approach to voice training that uses acute listening in order to come up with a the next perfect exercise to address whatever is not working in the voice and to nurture whatever IS working. Like a finely programmed GPS system, this allows the teacher to guide the student onto the road to greater vocal health and freedom.

The functional voice training approach works for any voice type and genre and style: no matter what kind of singer you are, functional vocal training can provide you with the path to freeing YOUR voice for whatever you want to sing.

(This class is part of the TVF monthly special topic class series.)

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